photo 1 Jun

Froch knocking Groves out in the 8th round.

My first animation in a long time as I didn’t have the software installed and had to remember how to do the animations in Photoshop again.

Hopefully will end up doing a lot more animations over the next few weeks.

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photo 11 Feb

Bored of seeing people saying, “hey he has no beard, he’s not a real man!” or “only real men grow a beard!” etc

I have a beard before anyone tries saying I’m butt hurt about not being able to grow facial hair ;) I’m just sick of hearing that kind of shit on here.

text 3 Dec Reblog if I can write something weird in your ask.

Go for it :) preferably not anonymous

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photo 17 Sep

I went out to London for a charity event on Saturday 14th September. This a photo from the hotel room with 2 of the ladies I work with.

They are some of the nicest ladies I know :)

photo 30 Aug

This is myself, about to start a 40 mile cycle for charity on Wednesday.

I ended up cycling up some steep hills and really enjoyed it. The cycle took me through Congleton, which was very scenic.

photo 17 Jul



I wouldn’t mind these scratching my back :)

text 17 Jun

Anonymous said: the sex questions ;)

I don’t answer to anonymous, and if I answered to them all then it would make the post redundant after the first persons asks for them all :)

text 15 Jun

Anonymous said: answer all of them :D

All of what?

chat 14 Jun Sex Questions. Leave a number.
  •  1. Have you ever had intercourse?
  •  2. Oral sex?
  •  3. Licked an ass?
  •  4. Had your ass licked?
  •  5. Stuck your tongue in their ass?
  •  6. Swallowed cum?
  •  7. Practiced bondage or BDSM?
  •  8. Had anal sex?
  •  9. Had an orgasm from anal sex?
  •  10. Ever squirted or made someone squirt?
  •  11. Had sex with someone of the same sex?
  •  12. Did a threesome?
  •  13. Did a foursome?
  •  14. Been in an orgy?
  •  15. Been in a gangbang?
  •  16. Had sex in public?
  •  17. Snowballed?
  •  18. Had your toes licked or sucked?
  •  19. Licked or sucked someone’s toes?
  •  20. Had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a day?
  •  21. Had sex with more than one person (one on one only) in a week?
  •  22. Had cyber sex or phone sex?
  •  23. Reached on orgasm?
  •  24. Watched porn?
  •  25. Bought a dirty magazine?
  •  26. Posted nude pictures of you on the net?
  •  27. Let someone video tape you having sex?
  •  28. Had sex without protection?
  •  29. Had someone give you a cum facial or given someone a cum facial?
  •  30. Have you participated in any type of golden showers?
  •  31. Have you let anyone or have you shit on anyone?
  •  32. Had sex with a friend’s significant other?
  •  33. Ever did one of your significant other’s friends or relative?
  •  34. Have you ever cheated on your significant other?
  •  35. Made someone pass out from sex?
  •  36. Tasted your own cum?
  •  37. Masturbated?
  •  38. Let someone watch you?
  •  39. Ever showed you naked on cam?
  •  40. Had sex while on your period or while someone was on their period?
  •  41. Been eaten or eaten someone?
  •  42. Had sex with someone you knew less than an hour?
  •  43. Had sex in a vehicle?
  •  44. Been caught having sex?
  •  45. Paid for sex?
  •  46. Used toys during sex?
  •  47. Used food?
  •  48. Like pain from a little to extreme during sex?
  •  49. Ever been dominated in bed?
  •  50. Ever had a wet dream?
  •  51. Like to have your ass slapped during sex?
  •  52. Like having your nipples licked, sucked, or bitten?
  •  53. Had sex with someone who you didn’t know their name?
photo 14 Jun

Not exactly looking my best, but then again I have just done a workout that consisted of the following.

30 pushups
30 situps
30 squats
30 jumping alternating lunges
30 mountain climbers
30 burpees

Legs gassed out so much :(

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